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Mega Smasher
My Guyver Collection







My Guyver merchandise + story lines and descriptions.

Guyver Data 1-4 (Volume1)


Data 1-4 (video):

The cover above is the cover for Date 1-4. Although this is the cover for data 10, this is also the cover for data 1-4

Data 1:

Title. Genesis Of The Guyver

Story. Chronos track down Malmot. Malmot is forced to self destruct after being caught by Chronos soldiers and in the explosion the three G-Units scatter.

A G-unit is accidentally activated by a student named Sho Fukamachi triggered the control medallion and is transformed into the Guyver I.

Sho faces deadly battle against the bio morphic zoanoids controlled by the Chronos organization, Gregole and Vamore.


Data 2:

Title. Battle Of The Guyvers

Story. Riscar is sent to examine the recovered Guyver unit. But when he examines it the control medal is activated and he becomes Guyver II.

Chronos dispatch Riscar to confront Sho and the two Guyvers do battle.

Sho is no match for Riscar because Riscar knows how to use the Guyver and Sho doesn't.

But things get brighter for Sho when the Guyver II's damaged control medal starts to malfunction.

Guyver II decays and while it dose Sho uses the megasmasher and finishes Guyver II.


Data 3:

Title. Mysterious Shadow - Guyver III

Story. Commander Guyot is not impressed by Genzo Makashima's progress and goes to Chronos Japan HQ to manage the company.

Makashima is worried about losing his position and tries to regain his position by using Mizuki to get to Guyver I. 

Chronos kidnap Mizuki and Makashima's their trump card 'a Hyper Zoanoid named Zerbebuth) for their plans to defeat Guyver I.

Guyver one arrives at the warehouse were they took Mizuki and kill all of the Zoanoids he sees.

But Guyver I faces a new threat,  a new type of Zoanoid appears (Zerbebuth).

The only way Sho can defeat Zerbebuth is by using the megasmasher, but he can't because Sho dose not know were Mizuki is and for all he knows he could hit her.

Sho finally delivers a damaging blow to Zerbebuth upsetting the beast greatly.

Zerbebuth goes to use Mizuki as a shield but before he got to Mizuki Guyver III showed up and killed him.


Data 4:

Title. Attack Of The Hyper Zoanoid - Team Five

Story. Sho and Tetsuro try to expose Chronos by telling a reporter, Takasaro, about Chronos.

But Chronos destroy Takasaro's office with a deadly explosion.

Chronos decide to attack Sho and his friends before they try to expose them again.

The Hyper Zoanoid Team Five are sent to destroy the school.

The Hyper Zoanoids plans go well and Guyver I is no match for them, until Guyver III shows up and kills Thancrus with his megasmasher.

Guyver I then destroys Gaster after the death of Thancrus.

Commander Guyot gives orders for the rest of team five to retreat due to the appearance of Guyver III.

And above all Mizuki finds out that Sho is the Guyver.




Guyver Data 5-8 (Volume 2):

The cover for data 5-8 is the same as cover for data 8.

Data 5-8 (video):


Data 5:

Title. Death Of The Guyver

Story. For failing to defeat the Guyver, Gendo Makashima is turned into a new model of hyper zoanoid called Enzyme.

Enzyme and Guyver I battle.

Guyver I was no match for Enzyme.

Enzyme pulled Guyver I's control medal from Guyver's head and gave it to the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5.

Even after Enzyme took the control medal from Guyver, Guyver came alive and kept fighting, but both were killed when Guyot made Enzyme self destruct.


Data 6:

Title. Terminal Battle - The Fall Of Chronos Japan

Story. Agito reveals his true identity to Tetsuro and Mizuki when he transforms into Guyver III and helps them brake out of Chronos Japan Headquarters.

At the same time Guyver I and Sho are reborn again through the control medal and get even with Chronos.

Guyver III Destroys the Zoanoids in the proccessing tanks, while Guyver I kills Derzerb and Elegen of team five along with many other zoanoids he finds.

Guyver III meets Zektoll and battles.

Zektoll is more powerful and is superior until Guyver I shows up.

Zektoll escapes and merges with what's left of Elegen.

Guyver I, III, Tetsuro and Mizuki find Guyot and learn mankind's true genesis.

Mizuki and Tetsuro escape Chronos HQ while Guyvers I and III Finnish Guyot, but before they fight, Zektoll appears.

Zektoll was winning until both Guyvers combined their force and used both their megasmashers destroying Chronos Japan Headquarters along with Zektoll.  


Data 7:

Title. The Battle Begins

Story. Sho's father is believed to be dead and if that's not enough he has more problems.

While rescuing Tetsuro, Sho meets a new allie, a freelance rider named Murikami.

Murikami takes Sho and Tetsuro to Relics Point (Mount Minakami) were Sho's father and Mizuki are.


Data 8:

Title. The Lost Unit

Story. Chronos sends out three of the lost units to kill the Guyver.

They all have unique ability's and the Guyver is no match for them all.

Even though it is three to one the Guyver manages to kill two of them and the last one, a zoanoid called 'Aptom' is called back.

Murakami takes Sho back to a safe house.

When Tetsuro is asleep Sho leaves and meets Guyver III on the way and both of them set off to rescue Mizuki and Sho's father.



Bio-Booster Armour Guyver 'Revenge of Chronos' graphic novel Vol 2

Chapter 1

Title. Terrifying!

Story. The battle field is quiet now. The only thing which remains is Sho's arm. The arm mutates then grows back into Sho!

The next day Mizuki is hunting Tetsuro and Sho for skipping school, so both Tetsuro and Sho run for their lives. They split up and Tetsuro runs into a room where Sho is, naked. Suddenly Sho turns into a giant best, much like a Zoanoid, which resembles the Guyver. Sho enters the room and bio-boosts but the beast escapes. 

Meanwhile Agito is lurking in the corridors, watching.

The bio-clone finds Mizuki but lucky for her, the Guyver shows up and saves her.

Yet again the bio-clone escapes but this time Sho's in hot pursuit. The bio-clone flies to an open are like a park where it meets Guyver III. Guyver III blasts it in the back of both of it's legs severely damaging the bio-clone.

Sho tells Guyver III to stand back because this a personal thing between him and his spawn.

The beast jumps up and tries to absorb the bio-booster armour. Guyver III gets ready to kill both of them. And when all hope seems to be lost Guyver I absorbs the bio-clone back into it's original self.

But the question still remains. will Sho ever rid himself of the Guyver armour?


Chapter 2. Explosive!

Story. Sho is having nightmares about the Bio-Clone, but he has another problem on his mind now, Panadyne!

Panadyne is a hyper Zoanoid which has shown up to kill Guyver I while Chronos Japan is being re-constructed. Panadyne explains to Sho that Chronos is still well, that the fall of Chronos Japan has merely delayed their plans to conquer the Earth.

suddenly Panadyne trans-mutates transforming himself into a Zoanoid which resembles Vamore. Panadyne fires sticky liquid which explodes once it hit something in it's path, and has an extendible tail which can strike through something like sword.

Guyver I is no match for Panadyne!

Agito returns home from school only to find...Guyot waiting for him!

Panadyne proves to be Sho's toughest opponent yet but he under estimates the Guyver and for that the Guyver builds up a pressure cannon and blasts off Panadyne's right bio-blaster.

The only other people who witnessed this apart from Sho where Tetsuro, an old couple who lived near by and Mizuki!


Chapter 3. Amazing!

Story. After the fight with Panadyne, Sho runs away in terror as Tetsuro gets his arm wound bandaged.

Meanwhile Guyot introduces Agito to the lost unit and Panadyne. Guyot sends the lost number commandos to kill the old couple while he dismisses Agito.

Agito is not happy with this and BIO-BOOSTS! 

Else where Sho sees an explosion not to far from him and goes to see what it is. He finds out that the old couple where dead inside their burning house.

Guyver III enters the room with Guyot and Panadyne . He tares through Panadyne then grapples with Guyot.

A member of the lost numbers called Somlom is sent to take Tetsuro and Mizuki but Guyver I appears and they battle. Somlom can spit bio-fusion liquid which rivets the Guyvers arms together. It looks like Guyver I is done for, or is he. Guyver I manages to separate his arms and disintegrates Somlom with the megasmasher.

Surprisingly Guyot has enough strength in him to rival Guyver III. Guyver III escapes when Aptom and Dyme come to Guyot's aid.

This is not over yet!


Chapter 4.Adversarial

Story. Chronos plans to target Fumio Fukamachi, Sho's father, but Guyver I and III are ready waiting for them. The team is annihilated. But a mysterious person watches.

Guyot and the lost numbers arrive at Relics Point and Guyot is not happy with his bought with Guyver III and he suspects Agito is this mysterious shadow Guyver III.

The exams are over, everyone is happy apart from Sho, Mizuki, Tetsuro and Agito.

A limo arrives to pick Agito up from school. Sho notices that not all the men in the limo where limo drivers, so he follows them.

The car stops and two men get out and take on their Zoanoid form. Sho notices these are not usual Zoanoids when one melts 9into the ground and the other becomes a Guyver!


Chapter 5. Deadly!

Story. The two Guyvers battle but the battle is in Chronos's favor because the melted Zoanoid can create a suitable battlefield for Chronos. But there is still hope for Guyver I has realized that the Guyver is nothing but a cheap imitation.

Yet again the mysterious man watches, but this time he is also caught by the melted Zoanoid, Dyme.

Else where Mizuki and Tetsuro are caught by Chronos.

Suddenly the stranger gives Dyme orders (pretending to be Guyot) to release himself and Guyver I. Dyme dose so and is killed when Guyver I sinks his bio-blade into the ground. Aptom is ordered to retreat by Guyot.

Sho finds out that the stranger was a free lance reporter named Murikami and also meets a new allie for his battle against Chronos. 


Chapter 6. Desperate!



Bio-Booster Armour Guyver 'Dark Masters'  graphic novel Vol 3   

Chapter 1:

Title. Betrayed!

Story. Tetsuro, Mizuki and Fumio are taken to the base in Relics Point (Mount Minakami).

When they are there, a lot of secrets are revealed. When they arrive at Relics Point they find out that Commander Guyot is still alive. They find out that it all started at Relics Point.

Relics Point is a base which was owned by our creators and that Chronos found the technology for making Zoanoids there. They also discovered that all three Guyver units were found at Relics Point.

Later Agito blows his cover when he transforms into Guyver III and leads them out of Relics Point.


Chapter  2:

Title. Hyper!

Story. Just before Guyver III leads Tetsuro, Mizuki and Fumio out of Relics Point, they meet the Hyper Zoanoid Team Five. Guyver III is no match for them.

But before Guyver III's control medal is ripped from his head Guyver I shows up. 


Chapter 3:

Title. Outnumbered!

Story. Guyver III escapes with Tetsuro and Mizuki and Guyver I escapes with his father.

But when they get to the surface Elegen follows. Zektoll comes up through the ground and drags Fumio back under, while Guyver one is getting hit with ten thousand volts of electricity. Guyver I's Bio-Booster Armour opens when he takes a ten thousand volt shock to the control medal. Leaving Sho powerless. Elegen is about to kill Sho but is stopped when Guyver III uses the megasmasher which disintegrated his arm.

After that everyone who got out of Relics Point escaped when the hyper zoanoids reached the surface.


Chapter 4:

Title. Nightmarish!

Story. Agito takes everyone to a safe house.

Dr Valkus looks over the files of the 'Lost Numbers' for a new plan which he is hatching.

At the safe house Sho awakes and finds Shizu by his side.


Chapter 5:

Title. Abandoned!

Story. Dr Valkus turns Fumio into Enzyme type II.

Agito makes it clear that power is everything and that he will soon sit on the throne of Earth.

Later Guyver I and III leave to rescue Fumio and proceed to escape Chronos.


Chapter 6:

Title. Trapped!

Story. Tetsuro tells the others that Sho and Agito left to Relics Point.

Guyver I and III rescue Fumio but they run into three members of the Hyper Zoanoid Team Five. Guyver I goes ahead with his father while Guyver III stays to fight the zoanoids. Guyver III begins to battle the zoanoids while Murikami realizes that Gaster and Derzerb at preparing to attack the house and Fumio starts to transform.


Chapter 7:

Title. Transformed!

Story. Guyver III cuts off Thancrus's blades and Elegen's tentacles and realizes that Zektoll is not effected by the pressure cannon.

Meanwhile Derzerb and Gaster begin to attack.

Fumio transforms and attacks Guyver I, but Guyver I wont fight back. Enzyme II rips the Guyver's brain apart and is ordered to take the Guyver's control medal while the Guyver lies dead.


Chapter 8:

Title. Destroyed!

Story. Guyver III kills Thancrus.

Enzyme II refuses Dr Valkus's orders.

Mr. Murikami transforms into a Zoalord, forcing Derzerb and Gaster to retreat. After taking care of them he and Tetsuro go to the place were Sho is fighting.

Guyver I goes into a self defense mode after having it's brain ripped out and kills Enzyme II.

Guyver III also witnesses this so he assumedly killed Zektoll and Elegen.



Bio-Booster Armour Guyver 'Escape from Chronos' graphic novel vol 4

Chapter 1:

Title. Midnight!

Story. Everyone decides to leave the safe house since it is no longer safe.

Dr Valkus has a theory that Murakami is not a zoalord.

When they pull over after leaving the house, three Enzyme II's appear.


Chapter 2:

Title. Enzymes!

Story. Murakami is slashed across the chest by an Enzyme. Guyver III dose all he can to kill them but his attacks are ineffective. One of the Enzymes pick up the RX-7  and throws it into a tree when Sho is still unconscious in it!


Chapter 3:

Title. Powerless!

Story. Sho emerges from the ruins as the guyver. But not for long because Sho can no longer Bio Boost!

Guyver III and Murakami do what they can but it is no use so Murakami changes to his battle form and kills one of the Enzymes.


Chapter 4:

Title. Masks!

Story. Proto Zoalord kills the other two Enzymes then returns to his human form.

Guyot finds out that Murakami was his prototype.

Murakami awakes in the jeep and tells everyone that he is Guyot's prototype.


Chapter 5:

Title. Experiment!

Story. Murakami tells everyone about how he became a zoalord. He was a investigative reporter who went to New Guinea to find out about natives there. But he and his friends stumble into a zoanoid test site and all his friends are killed. He is taken to Relics Point in Arizona were he met his mentor and instructor from college 'Professor Shinichiro Yamamura'.

Dr Valcus's army of Enzymes is almost ready.

We then find out that Professor Yamamuro lead a revolt. He and the three prototypes did a lot of damage when trying to find their target 'Guyot'. But with the exception of Murakami they were all killed because the other eleven zoalords convened in Arizona.

Murakami explains how the professor was forced to do Chronos's bidding and waited for the perfect opportunity to destroy Chronos and Murakami tells us how the professor discovered the truth behind the unit G.


Chapter 6:

Title. Creation!

Story. They have a picnic and Murakami tells them more about Chronos while Aptom is watching them. Murakami tells them that the creators were possibly a collision of races traveling through space. Murakami also tells them about how the creators came to Earth to create an army of super intelligent beings for their war and how shortly after creating humans they left. No one knows why they left. Assumptions tell us that their war was over. We also find out that the Guyver units were standard amour worn by the creators and that if a Zoalord were to merge with the guyver unit they'd be the most powerful being ever. And the only person in Chronos who knows this is Commander Guyot.


Chapter 7:

Title. Attack!

Story. While Murakami is telling them about his history Commander Guyot and two Enzyme II's show up and Guyot transforms!


Chapter 8.

Title. Immortals!

Story. Guyver III fights the two Enzymes but the Enzymes melt because they were not completed. Meanwhile Proto Zoalord and Guyot Zoalord battle. Proto Zoalord is extremely inferior to Guyot and Proto Zoalord's hands are ripped off. Guyver III uses the megasmasher on Guyot and...Guyot survived! Suddenly Guyot used an attack which made blinding light appear everywhere and half the mountain side blow up...!



These are the Japanese graphic novels volumes 16 and 17.